Regarding the Service of Transfer Airports in Milan

1 August 2018 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
transfer milan airports

As a rental car with driver, I also offer the airport transfer service in Milan. In addition to remembering it, in this article I do a bit of clarity about how work the transfer service for Milanese airports.

In addition to being different transfer categories from/to the airports, Milan and not, in the latter period we speak a lot, rightly, of the phenomenon of abusivism. An illegal “category” as it is well understood, very active in the transfer from/to airports.

Being a professional chauffeur, with a regular license and that has all the duties of the case, I feel obliged to inform you of this phenomenon, what you can do to ensure a car trip with a professional driver and why is useful.

To know it is useful not only because you avoid using an illegal service. You will not have any advantages in terms of costs but above all of security, quality of service and exclusivity that only professional chauffeur have. For example, transportation in restricted traffic areas (ZTL).

You only need to contact a car with a driver for airport transfers in advance

To take advantage of a professional car with driver such as transfer to Milan airports (Malpensa, Linate, Orio al Serio ) all you have to do is contact him in advance.

It will be very easy for you to book your transfer to Milan airports as you know:

  1. What time the plane leaves;
  2. The flight number;
  3. What time does it arrive.

Simply by visiting my booking page you can enter your departure and destination, where one of the two will be the airport, and in the next step, where you will have to enter your details you can also enter the flight number.

Whether you need to arrive at an airport in Milan, or you have to depart with a flight departing from one of the Milan airports, having the scheduled round trip for you the stress caused by the schedules will be drastically reduced .

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