If you value your safety and/or safety and if requested by you can offer along with the cars and the drivers also have a body guard service exclusive and effective.

Cirea offers transport services with driver and car rental for the people, they have many different needs and different requirements, and for various reasons you may need with body guard services, we are also equipped for those who need even more than that of security move.

In addition to the VIP service body guard of Cirea can also be very useful to anyone, in fact, if you must, for example, make a deposit of cash in the bank, in order to avoid disappointment be accompanied by security professionals staff is not a bad idea indeed, it is wise.

Body guard does not mean inability to do

Although their work is to ensure the personal safety of the body guard of Cirea guarantee maximum discretion, taking advantage of the service as well as body guard to the rental car with driver offered will have the opportunity not only to move around in Milan, northern Italy and in many Europeans lost, but you can also do anything and go anywhere with discretion.

A major advantage and usefulness of the service offered by the car body guard Cirea Milan is that if you serve a security service with bodyguards for the escort 24 hours 24, you can have also with armed personnel and registered at the organs of Italian State.

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