In the most beautiful day of your life to trust the professionals who will lead you to the altar with a unique style, Cirea also carries car rental for weddings and ceremonies in Milan.

Moments of your life that you can never forget, emotions that you will remember in time; this is what I think are your ceremonies.

We want the celebration of your wedding to be perfect at all times, since the arrival of one of our cars that will take you to the location of the wedding celebration with elegance and formality.

Accompany with our car rental service with driver for weddings and ceremonies in Milan for us car rental Cirea is an honor that we want to perform in the best way.

Car hire for wedding and ceremonies

Those who choose a service like the one proposed by Cirea for your wedding is looking for professionalism and punctuality. Whether it’s a wedding, a baptism or any other ceremony our fleet will offer a series of choices and services that you can customize for your every need.

The choice car for car rental for weddings and ceremonies in Milan must be done quietly because it is a crucial detail in performing the ceremony. In addition to our large fleet we have many models of cars to offer an alternative.

Car, SUV or minivan with air conditioning and all the amenities necessary to lead with style, class and elegance to your wedding; to leave your loved ones in awe at the time of your arrival.

Our service can be used not only for the couple but also to accompany the relatives who may arrive from far away by plane or train and not have its own means to follow you in your day more beautiful.

Thanks to our central location in Milan we can get to your home in a few minutes, and take you to Milan in time.

car rental for wedding ceremonies, and not only in Milan

Our service is not limited to the city of Milan, in fact, you can conduct in each area surrounding Milan, Lombardy or Italy. Car rental with driver for weddings and ceremonies in Milan that we put at your disposal will make it even more unique and memorable this important day of your life.

With car hire services that Cirea provides for years, you can get with elegance, style and punctuality at the ceremony (bride permitting), at the predetermined time without any further concern.

In addition to providing a rental service with driver, we can also offer a range of services such as rental of luxury cars, sports, vintage or Milan Malpensa Airport and Orio al serio transfers, ideal for honeymoon in this case.

We are ready to create a custom package for your every need, that will adapt to your organizational needs, providing immediately a valid and practical help for the best performance of your ceremony.

Let the car rental with driver Cirea, you can lend his professional experience, gained through decades of work in offering its services for car rental for weddings and ceremonies in Milan.

The car rental with driver Cirea offers several solutions Ceremony Double, in Milan, Lombardy or hinterland in northern Italy, the Standard 4 hours of service at your disposal, with the full eight hours to staff in which we will follow you from the start the wedding ceremony at the start to the Honeymoon.

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