Do you need to move a car, or just want to travel but do not like to drive for long stretches? The solution for you is here, only driver!

We are available for service only driver, or are renting only the driver and not the car, this service offered by Cirea can be very useful and convenient.

As you can well imagine the service only driver brings undeniably its usefulness to those who already own the car but does not have the ability to drive or move or maybe for health reasons is temporarily unable to drive.

Our service only driver comes to the rescue in case of withdrawal or suspension of license.

Only driver, not only utility

The service only driver by Cirea is also comfort, not only utility, taking advantage of this service will be possible, for example, move with their cars to work commitments or private without having to drive, and in the meantime finish work or rest in order to get to an important meeting or at any other place ready or rested.

Only driver is also ideal for entertaining, maybe for an evening gallant or at least a particular occasion, instead of driving you’ll be doing all the time to the person beside you.

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