Business?, Travel Tourism?, Pleasure?

We are available with modern vehicles and full of amenities and comfort to make your stay on board as pleasant as possible.

Avoid the stress of driving, the traffic, leave it to us to lead you to your destination even in travel or tourism, you think about the business or to relax, we’ll provide the rest.

The service travel and tourism Cirea is ideal for short trips and for long stretches.

Are you alone? with company? We will think to offer the most appropriate means also according to your luggage.

Travel, tourism and even fun

Even if you own the car and not have to do a trip and if you are in Milan, Monza, Bergamo, Brescia or other cities, so if you’re not tourists, the travel and tourism service of Cirea can do for you.

How? very simple for evenings of fun, taking advantage of the service travel and tourism Cirea not have to worry about receiving fines, you withdraw your license or your car if you have plans to go to dinner or to the disco and think of drinking a glass of wine in addition, the risk can be avoided simply by calling and booking one of our means.

Always for fun, service travel and tourism Cirea can be handy to not deal with the stress of the auto code also, for example, the trip out of town, you think just to have fun and relax, will do the rest we will.

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