Tips for Traveling to the Airport with a Car With Driver

2 November 2022 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
tips traveling airport car with driver

In this article you can find some tips about traveling to the airport with a car with driver and general tips that may be useful to you for the journey to the airport.

Once your flight has landed you will have no problems. Especially if you’ve already got everything planned.

The departure of a journey by plane is quite another thing. Surely if you go with a car with driver you have less worries.

However, both if you intend to leave from one of the Milan airports and accompany you on the journey to the airport, or if you go by other means of transport, there are other things you need to keep in mind.

Below you can find tips for traveling to the airport with a car with driver that can also be useful if you are traveling to the airport by other means of transport.

Advance programming is essential

People arriving at the airport have no worries, in principle, for one simple reason: they don’t have to worry about scheduling anything.

They planned ahead.

The advice for the main journey to the airport with a car with driver, or by other means, is therefore to plan the trip in advance .

Surely if you go to the airport with a car with driver the schedule will be less for you and there it will be less stress. You will not have to book various transport services and you will not have to worry about delays and connections.

In addition to this you will still have to plan part of your day. For example, setting the time you have to get up, or the time of check-out at the hotel.

Time to arrive at the airport

Many people, especially if they have never traveled by plane and/or if they have done so occasionally, wonder how long before the departure of the flight to show up at the airport.

Also and above all given the evolutions in the air transport sector due to COVID-19, even if, for now, less restrictive, a standard time to show up in advance at the airport no longer exists.

In fact, if showing up at the airport 2/3 hours before the flight leaves has always been a reasonable time if there were health checks, the time needed could be longer due to queues.

Surely, what you can do to speed up this time is:

  • Check-in online;
  • You can consider purchasing priority boarding;
  • Check the travel requirements in the country of departure and destination;
  • By contacting me for an airport transfer, as I frequent it often, I can give you further useful and always up-to-date advice.

If you need a transfer from/to a Milanese airport (Linate/Malpensa/Orio al Serio), with a few days’ notice you can book online, call me or send me a WhatsApp message at +393383407209 or you can send me an email at

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