Transport for Corporate Events, Meetings and Summits

1 February 2024 Da Alberto Cirea New Services

Below I will tell you that I can be useful to you in managing transport for corporate events, meetings and summits, the characteristics of the service and the advantages you can have.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an event, a meeting or a summit, depending on the number of participants and what will be done, the organization can sometimes require months in advance.

Organization done directly within the company or entrusted to external agencies. It doesn’t matter if you organize transport for a corporate event, meeting or summit for your company or a third-party company, I can help you.

Punctuality and autonomy

The management of transport for a corporate event, a meeting or a summit, for your peace of mind and for its success must have two characteristics, punctuality and autonomy.

Punctuality ensuring that all guests are present at sessions or meetings is essential. The autonomy of the driver of the means of transport is more essential than useful to you. There will be fewer worries and you will be able to dedicate yourself to something else.

Both punctuality and autonomy can be guaranteed to you by both myself and my collaborators and partners. Your task will only be to tell me where (at which airport, station or other) to pick up the participants, I will evaluate the arrival time at the destination and I will organize myself independently.

Obviously, if you also book tickets or flights or trains that take participants to the event, meeting or summit, you must ensure that they arrive adequately in advance.

If you need it, I will tell you the estimated travel time in advance so you can book correctly.

As I already said in the article where I indicate that my services are deductible finally I would like to point out that this, compared to other transport services, is a further advantage for you and your business.

Are you organizing a corporate event, a meeting or a summit in Milan or northern Italy? Do not hesitate to contact me now well in advance, especially if there are many participants, I also have to organize myself and have my people organized collaborators and my partners.

You can contact me via the contact page, with a call or a WhatsApp message at +39 338 340 7209 or with an email to

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