The Travel Expense Note Whit an Car With Driver

1 February 2023 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
travel expense note car with driver

In this article I would like to introduce you how simple the management of travel expenses can be for your employees if you rely on a car with driver, and this is not the only advantage.

Most, if not all, companies pay the costs of transportation, lodging and food when their employees travel for work.

Employees can provide an expense report and the expenses incurred are reimbursed. It is not the only alternative for travel expenses, the expenses can also be paid for by the company.

Better management and tax deduction

Apart from cases in which employees make business trips for urgent reasons, therefore not programmable in advance, for an activity, being able to plan the itineraries and receive the invoices of the same is a convenience.

A greater ease of management than receiving expense reports made up of various receipts.

Furthermore, being a travel service invoiced from company to company with a regular invoice, my transport services are deductible. It could be a deduction that accumulates on reimbursements for existing travel expenses.

Avoiding the classic expense report would also be an advantage for the employee. Not just for the employer.

This is not only because he should not remember to report and keep receipts but, limited to the journey with a car with driver, he should only be found at the place of departure and would arrive directly at the destination. Without having to make connections and without the risk of losing them and arriving late.

Obviously, a car with driver as a means of transportation for employees is not suitable for workers or for long journeys. The value for money would not be worth the best management and not even the satisfaction of the employees.

Milan – the city where I am car with driver – but it is a big city and there are companies with employees with a managerial role. Also but not exclusively due to the fact of the expense report that I have indicated in this article, they could entrust me with the transport of their employees.

If you need an car with driver for your employees’ business trips contact me via the contact page, call me at +39 338 340 7209 or you can send me an email at For activities with which I collaborate on a regular basis, I also make discounts on my list price.

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