Travel expenses with my services are deductible

1 October 2019 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
transportation fees deductible from taxes for companies

In this article I tell you that travel expenses for my car services with driver have the deductibility for travel expenses for representation, travel and the like, and other things you need to know.

The necessary premise that I do before saying anything else is that I am not a tax consultant, accountant or similar work. Precisely because of the fact that in the introduction of the article I specified that the cost of my services are deductible expenses “for representation, travel and the like“.

Even for the same transport service with car with driver that I offer, not all activities are the same. They can have various deductibility percentages, which are calculated based on the activity.

But I certainly know that my car services with driver are deductible and that I often offer services to activities that they have this need.

The deductibility for transport is not obvious

It is not obvious that transport costs are deductible. Not all means of transport can be.

Certainly, the main factor that makes a means of representation, for a business trip, to go to an event or for similar reasons deductible is at least a proof of the transportation. A receipt or an invoice.

Not only the employees of the business must have it. Even the owners of the activities that will provide it to the tax authorities. It is not assumed that everyone makes the invoice or receipt, and, although the price of a means of transport might seem less than that of a car with driver, without deduction will be greater.

For example, assuming that a taxi can request € 50 to move around in Milan, and for the same journey I could ask for € 100.

It may seem but you would not have spared. Now (2019) italian taxis do not make an invoice, if yours company could take advantage of 75% deductibility by taking advantage of one of my savings and savings services.

In addition to the savings, you would of course also have all the benefits that a NCC service offers, the guaranteed punctuality granted before transport, the class and new generation car with all the comforts on board, the travel discretion and much more.

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