Safe travel, with a car with driver

4 May 2020 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
Safe travel, with a car with driver

In this article I tell you why with a car with driver it is possible to travel safely, safer from infectious diseases and also on other occasions.

Before I say anything else, the necessary information I want to give you is that, from NCC, professional category of Rental With Driver, when in this article I refer to a car with driver I refer to professionals in the sector .

Not for abusive NCC or similar. Very different given that, if they do not comply with the primary laws regarding the tax position, they most likely do not even comply with the hygienic and sanitary requirements established by law.

For obvious reasons due to the insurance of vehicles that are not for professional use of passenger transport, they cannot guarantee adequate insurance coverage. The latter, even if only economic, is an additional security for a trip.

Traveling safely not only in the Coronavirus emergency

During the “lockdown” due to the health emergency related to Coronavirus as I have made it known, with the necessary precautions laid down by the legislation I offered people transport services.

Indirectly this could be enough to make you understand that if you rely on my car services with driver they can guarantee you greater safety during your travel.

Obviously the maximum emergency period has ended. However, this does not mean that we need to let our guard down. Choosing my car services with driver will allow you, your family and your acquaintances to travel safer than with other means of transport.

The main reasons why with my car service with driver it is possible to travel safely are that:

  • Social distance is guaranteed;
  • The media are clean and sanitized;
  • Avoid close contact with as many people as possible, from where the race begins to where it ends you will not meet crowds of people;
  • I myself am very cautious for my health and do not behave in any way harmful to others;
  • Both me and my collaborators in order to transport people must be, and we are, 100% lucid.

Surely traveling in safety is not the main reason why a person usually chooses to travel with a car with a driver, however, given the recent emergency, it can be. Tell the main reasons why (besides the bodyguard service) with a car with driver you can travel safely it is therefore a must.

Do you want to travel safely?

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