My Vehicles Can Carry Disabled

1 July 2019 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
car with driver for disabled and elderly

Through this article, I would like to inform you that my vehicles can easily transport people with disabilities of various kinds, not everyone could know.

When one thinks of transporting disabled people, one might think of specially constructed means of transport. Rightly so, however, people with disabilities can travel easily and independently even with other means. Also booking my car services with driver .

Class car, also for disabled and elderly

The preconception that a NCC is a luxury car exclusively for wealthy people is outdated today. The prices are not prohibitive. People are constantly changing the way they travel, they want to try new experiences and they are increasingly demanding.

Meeting people’s needs is the main reason why I can help you as a NCC, even if you are a disabled person or a senior citizen.

In practice:

  • I can keep you from moving too far, I’ll pick you up and take you right up to the house or wherever you want;
  • I can help you avoid making you take long routes, often unfortunately not very accessible;
  • In my car I can safely carry even the wheelchair if I had it;
  • In the circumstance that you travel with other people and have the wheelchair, in the minivan, traveling companions and various bags/suitcases can easily be in addition to the wheelchair.

If you travel in company or you have bulky luggage beyond the wheelchair, for convenience, and sometimes due to the impossibility of carrying large quantities of luggage beyond the wheelchair, I recommend book a minivan for your transport.

Traveling in comfort and without constraints of any kind is certainly a priority for both disabled and non-disabled people. To take advantage of an excellent car transport service with driver, then I highly recommend the trip with the minivan if you are disabled and if you have a wheelchair.

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