Who is Not an NCC in Milan

1 November 2018 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
badge real car with driver (NCC) Milan

Through this article you can understand who is not a chauffeur in Milan, knowing it can be useful to have the security of entrusting your transport to a professional.

To say that those who want transport through a NCC (real italian chauffeur) want something better, from various points of view, than normal public transport, or taxi, is not a lie.

There would be no people using NCC otherwise.

Unfortunately, not what you might think is a NCC in Milan is a real rental service with driver. Recognizing an NCC in Milan, but also in other parts of Italy, is much simpler than you think.

So even recognizing who is not a real chauffeur in Milan will be very easy.

Characteristics of an NCC in Milan

The “hallmarks” of a rental with a professional driver (NCC) in Milan are not just those reported by the Municipality of Milan, some of which are also reported on this website.

Check who is not a NCC in Milan is very simple, the regulation in fact provides that:

  • The service is offered only after the call/the contact, example, the NCCs do not wait for customers in one of Milan airports or elsewhere;
  • A real italian car with driver usually has the appropriate shield affixed to the side of the rear license plate (see my shield in photo of this article);
  • The cost of the race you know in advance, at the first contact, if you travel with an NCC;
  • If you travel with an NCC in Milan you can ask for the invoice (deducible from taxes) and pay in various methods, traceable, taxes are paid.

With what has just been said, as I have introduced, you’ll be quick to understand who is a real NCC in Milan, if you arrive at the airport or train station you’ll immediately understand who is not.

Knowing who is not an italian car with driver that you will know that you will not have the advantages offered by an NCC entrusting your transport. Such as the circulation in the ZTL (limited traffic areas) that assures you a rental with driver.

To secure an NCC in Milan, all you have to do is contact me in advance to book your trip. Do it now via the online booking page!

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