Why do you need a car with driver in Brescia

1 January 2017 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
car with driver brescia

If you go to Brescia or in the province of Brescia for business or pleasure/holidays a car with driver is more indispensable than useful, read the article and see why.

Brescia is not a big city and has a public transportation line and the newly built underground, the fact is that Brescia has a large province, and, in the province there are many companies also important and many tourist attractions, which are not limited to Garda lake, there are three lakes that you can visit, many historic villages, typical dishes to be tasted in every valley and very other.

In practice, both for business and for pleasure Brescia is a definitely interesting destination, is if you live in Italy, or if you live abroad and want to go to Brescia, however, If you’re not in the car can be terribly inconvenient visit Brescia and its province.

Brescia missing the Airport

The biggest problem that you can have if you have to go to Brescia and its province, whether you go to work is if you go for tourism, is that in Brescia is missing the airport.

If the plane you need to take to get to Brescia lands in Milan Malpensa or Linate, Orio al Serio airport in Bergamo or Verona Catullo, even if you reside in Italy is very inconvenient to get to Brescia and its province.

To help you solve this uneasy I can offer the car rental with driver in Brescia or the service hire in Bergamo driver, which, although there is also the airport in Bergamo province of Bergamo is very wide and it is a hardship to wait coincidences and move with public buses.

In order to avoid that is already occupied please contact me before leaving or with prior notice, if you have to go to the province of Brescia and will not have to do anything uncomfortable, I’ll find at the airport, I’ll take you to your destination and I will bring you back to the airport or wherever you want.

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