Why contact a chauffeur through direct contacts

1 November 2016 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
why contact a chauffeur with him direct contacts

To make sure that you get security of the performance of the service you have booked, to make sure your transportation is in total legal and for professional you contact an chauffeur via direct contacts, see why.

If the article where I said why it is essential to contact an italian chauffeur I especially did a bit of clarity, not well known by all, regarding the regulation of the rental car with driver, in this article I tell you the advantages that you will have in contact directly a car with driver.

If you need an car with driver must contact him directly

From this you will not run away, to contact a car rental with driver you can do it in different ways, via their website, email, telephone or other but to be agreed for the journey, for the price and for possible additional services or preferences, the fact is that must be done by contacting him directly.

With the internet, however, they were born much comfort for people who may hide “pitfalls”, in fact:

  • You may contact an chauffeur via a web portal, but the latter takes a percentage, andthe final price could rise;
  • The website could does not provide guarantees and decline responsibility, as often happens, this is a big problem for those who want a safely transport;
  • These amenities may act illegally evading or eluding the IRS, or because they themselves are not clear and because those who offer the transport service is not a true chauffeur, which must guarantee a certain standard of service and must be subject to professional rules.

In practice, because in addition to contact a chauffeur in Italy need of direct contact, for stronger security and to fully comply with the law, a chauffeur is always best to contact him in person .

Remember that if you needed a car with driver in Milan that can take you either to Milan hinterland and also the whole of northern Italy that my contacts are:

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